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What is pediculosis?

Pediculosis is an infectious disease caused by human lice (Pediculus humanus). Its most common variant is head lice (Pediculosis capitis), caused by colonization of the scalp by lice. The hair also includes parasite eggs commonly called
nits. Lice feed on blood. As a result, an inflammatory reaction occurs at the bite site, which is accompanied by severe itching. Lumps, urticaria bubbles and secondary infections may also appear.


How to recognize lice?

Human lice vary in size depending on age. They can be from 0.5 mm (the size of the printed dot) to 3 mm in length (sesame seed) and be difficult to see because they can adapt their color to the color of the surroundings.

Lice can be seen when they are in motion, moving quickly along the hair. Their eggs, about 1 mm in size, are white or pale yellow and attach strongly to the base of the hair. They look similar to dandruff, but they do not detach so easily.

Treatment of head lice is based on the use of appropriate anti-parasite products, including SORA forte – the only such medicine available in Poland in the form of a shampoo*.

*As of 23.07.2019, according to the Register of Medicinal Products published on the website of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products, Sora forte medicinal product constitutes the only
medicinal product in the form of a medicinal shampoo indicated for use in case of head lice.



The symptom of lice that is the easiest to observe is scratching. Children and adults scratch to reduce the itching caused by lice on their heads.

Lice or nits in the hair

The most reliable evidence of lice is the presence of live lice or nits between the hairs.

Enlarged lymph nodes

If not treated, pediculosis can even cause lymph nodes in the head area to become enlarged. In this case, or in case of bacterial complications, it is necessary to consult a physician.


Lice on the comb

Lice can be detected by combing wet hair with a thick comb. After this, the comb should be inspected and checked for the presence of lice.

Treatment of Pediculosis

Fight them easily

SORA forte

The only drug to treat lice in the form of shampoo1

The drug contains

an active substance with proven anti-lice properties - permethrin 10 mg/m

It combats lice

within 10 minutes following the application2

For children

over 3 years of age

Indications of use:

  • Head lice in adults and children over 3 years of age.
  • Therapeutically, in order to remove parasites.
  • Prophylactically in persons remaining in direct contact with persons infested with head lice.

Treatment of lice

Treatment for everyone

SORA med shampoo

For the treatment of head lice without age limits

100% dimethicone (silicone oil)

- substance with a proven anti-lice eproperties

Proven effects

within 10 minutes following the application

No age limits

Can also be used by pregnant and breast-feeding women

The medical product SORA med is also available in a set with a shampoo.

SORA med shampoo:

  • A unique formula that allows you to easily remove the previously used SORA med. product from your hair.
  • Facilitates combing of hair
SORA med is also available in a set with a shampoo

Pediculosis - how to protect yourself from it.

Lice is ubiquitous and occurs regardless of the season. In turn, there are periods when the prevalence of this disease increases drastically. It is then worth to pay special attention to the heads of your children. In the period of increased occurrence it is worth to apply appropriate prevention measures in order to avoid unwanted lice.


So what should lice prevention look like?

As children are most at risk, parents should:

  • Carry out regular hair checks and check the scalp whenever your child returns from any trips.
  • Each household member should only have a towel, hairbrush, hat, etc. for their own personal use.
  • Systematically clean, wash or exchange personal belongings.
  • Inform children of the need to limit borrowing their and others' personal belongings.
  • It may also be a good idea to buy some products to make it easier to comb hair.

It is always a good idea to have the SORA protect hair spray at home to prevent lice

Anti-lice preparations

Anti-lice preparations

Source: PEX data as at 23.08.2019, for the period from 01.2018 to 12.2018.

Prevention of lice

Don't give in to lice

SORA protect

Proven protection against infection

Comfortable aerosol form

for easier application to the hair

Handy packaging

ideal for taking on a school trip, a camp to protect against lice

For children

over 1 month of age

SORA protect – a medical device for everyday use

Double action of SORA protect:

  • prevents head lice infection
  • and prevents relapse of the disease

Scalp and hair care

do not be irritated by scalp irritations.

SORA lotion

When the irritation and itching won't cease

Comfortable spray form

for easy application to hair and scalp

Natural oils

of citronella, rosemary and lavender, and menthol.

For children

over 3 years of age.

SORA lotion

  • for people exposed to contact with lice
  • soothes irritation and reduces scalp itching
  • recommended after treatment with SORA forte shampoo


There is an abundance of myths about lice. It is quite strange, because lice is a common problem in preschool children. Parents, however, consider the subject embarrassing and rarely exchange advice on how to fight this disease. Unfortunately, many of them keep repeating myths about lice, which have nothing to do with reality.

Disease of the poor?

Many parents still believe that lice in children occurs only in very poor families, which cannot provide adequate hygiene for children. That is not true! It is enough for one child to bring lice to the kindergarten and there is a very high probability that the whole group will be infected with lice, regardless of the financial status of their parents. Children often exchange hair ornaments, hats or simply touch their hair while playing. This is enough for the little one to become infected with lice.

Incurable for pregnant women?

Many people also repeat the myth that lice cannot be cured in pregnant women. Supposedly, lice preparations are very strong and could harm the baby. That is also not true. Among many preparations for lice there are also those that are safe for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and even persons suffering from allergies. It is enough to find a product dedicated to "more sensitive" people.

Every child has to go through lice?

Another myth is that every child has to go through lice, because it is unavoidable in kindergarten. This is, of course, bogus. Nowadays, shops offer not only preparations aimed at fighting lice, but also prophylactic agents. As soon as the parents learn that their child's kindergarten is infested with lice, they can buy the SORA Protect aerosol to prevent pediculosis. Good preparations aimed at preventing lice have a pleasant, light smell, so the child will not mind to use the preparation.

Is it enough to cure one child?

Parents also mistakenly claim that applying an anti-lice product to one child at home solves the problem. Unfortunately, the fight against lice should cover all household members. The child's bed linen, towels and hats should also be washed thoroughly, while the brush and hair ornaments should be replaced. If siblings also experience lice, the whole process should be implemented amongst all children.

Knowledge base

How to effectively cure pediculosis?

Head lice is a very common problem, especially in pre-school-age children as they do not cope with the concept of "hygiene" as yet, and often exchange hair clips or caps....

Prevention of pediculosis

The prevention of lice is extremely important, especially among pre-school-age children, who do not yet understand how diseases are transmitted and why personal hygiene is so important.

Lice and nits. Where do they come from?

Lice are parasites that have been accompanying humans since the dawn of time. They favor large concentrations of people, which is why it is so easy to get infected by them in public transport, kindergartens, schools or offices.

Safe fight against lice

Much is said about the fact that fighting lice is a real nightmare. Kindergarten-age children often get lice from each other and many times the fight against lice seems a Sisyphean task.

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